Biscuit-bike conversion


How to turn what a foreigner might call a “women’s style” bicycle (the norm in a country where what a foreigner might call a “skirt” is the apparel of choice for both men and women) into a lean, mean, cookie-carrying machine: Get a humongous basket, fill it full of
cookies, place it on to a wooden board you mounted on your rear rack, then fit two PVC pipes on so that they fit snugly between the frame and the supporting arms of the rear rack. After that, you are ready to set loose on the potholed streets of Yangon, unafraid that your cookie basket will bend or snap the fragile arms of your PVC pipe-supported rear rack.

Interesting sidenote that the cookies he is supposedly selling are “Korean Cookies” – hitchhiking on the allure of foreign culture/goods.

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