Sweet bike hacker-preneur


This dapper hacker-preneur engineered a pedal-powered blower that
connects to a machine that spins sugar. Makes one realize what a
powerful platform the bicycle is for vendors craving portability and
affordability – and how positively disruptive a bicycle-powered
stove/heating element that utilized locally plentiful fuel and ran off
of human effort could be to street-food vendors. Pedal-power charging
a portable battery connected to a heating element?

As China urbanizes, city borders expand, and existing neighborhoods
become denser, demand will grow for goods and services in places where
the formal sector has not yet reached (and for which there may be a
time lag, such as the construction of a supermarket). Mobile vendors
can bring goods and services to urban centers’ unserved (physical and
economic) margins, and by the time such a group has been properly
served (“unmarginalized”?) there will be a whole new unserved
population that will have sprung up in the intervening time.

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