Urban commute snorkel


A homemade “safari snorkel”. Interesting that this is likely the only
actual vehicle on which I’ve seen a safari snorkel that would actually
use one, considering the Yangon Industrial Zone and the surrounding
areas’ propensity to flooding. Also interesting considering that this
functional safari snorkel is not on a vehicle that would ever be
taking part in a safari – more like a “commute snorkel”. I wonder
whether this was an original idea by the driver, or if it is part of a
standard “Monsoon season package” offered by an entrepreneurial car
shop. Note the materials, too: What is it about the local context that
determines that these materials are used – would the materials be the
same in downtown Yangon? New Delhi? Jakarta? What about the person in
charge of inventing/fabricating/installing it – how does that
knowledge, the possessor of that knowledge, and the expectation of
being able to apply that knowledge vary by location? Are the
inventor/fabricator/installer all one in the same for a design like
this? Is there a sense of propriety and ownership of the idea?

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