Grid, improvised


Whose jurisdiction is it to decide when a telephone pole needs some assistance? Is this ad-hoc solution a standard practice for when those standards are breached, or was it a once-off solution, perhaps in reaction to a particularly tall vehicle rolling through town? Or to the grid-hacker who, reflecting on the new and surprisingly short distance between the road and his appropriated power supply line, decided to act in vehicle and pedestrian’s greater good (and to perhaps keep the heat off himself while making his grid-hack/appropriation less conspicuous).


Then – how to ad-hoc a grid repair without plentiful bamboo and soft ground? Have to get back to you on that one, but if you want to make it more noticeable in the meantime, try a white piece of cloth draped over the offending wire. With the fierce winds that had been blowing all night, I have a feeling the electricity team was tied up at the moment – a crack team of about ten electricity supply bureau workers dissembled a massive tree that had fallen on the transformer on the end of the road and managed to get power back up in about 2 hours – astonishing considering they used no machinery and were working in the middle of the night in a windstorm. Superb hustle.

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