Test talisman


The visible, tangible evidence of “testing”, the assuaging of doubt for both the manufacturer and the customer – despite how little is revealed about the precise nature of the test. How does the battery of tests carried out on a car built for local use reflect what customers value most in cars – and that which is valued will be most often (and most severely) tested? By not removing such a sticker, is the user claiming it as a sort of insurance? A ward against malfunction, effective as long as the sticker remains in place? Would a user go through additional effort to ensure the sticker remains attached?

Hard to see in these pictures, but this user also had all the plastic sheeting covering the seats still in place from when it was put on in the factory. In a culture such as this where cars are so highly valued and extensive customization and protection are the norm, it is entirely possible that a new cars will, for its entire lifespan, constantly have a protective buffer in areas of predictable wear, never experiencing any human-induced wear whatsoever. When the factory’s plastic is finally deemed inadequately protective, one the smorgasbord of options for matching “3-in-1” seat cover+steering wheel grip+tissue box holder combo package will have likely been purchased well in advance.

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