Out of sight

Depending on the hour of the day, this section of the freezer in this Bangkok 7-11 is obscured by a large piece of blue cardboard. The sign outlines the hours alcohol may be sold (as in, not when there is a giant piece of blue cardboard hanging in front that obscures/prevents access to said alcohol). Thai law states that alcohol may only be sold during particular hours of the day, with different people I’ve asked giving different reasons as to the logic behind the law.
I’m interested in the effect of this rule upon customers’ desire to drink. Is it meant to moderate drinkers’ urges? Or merely cause them inconvenience if they are planning a solid day of inebriation? Does this 7-11’s physical obscuring of the alcohol section truly check the desires of thirsty customers seeking a tipple, or does it end up having the same effect of a smoker seeing a “No Smoking” sign and actually experiencing an increase in desire to smoke?

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