Bag brand


Far from familiar contexts, of all the potential images and people used to express the concept of “joker”, why one of the  world’s preeminent silent film stars? Have the most well-known Myanmar comedians been heard by more than they have been seen – higher aural recognition than visual? What does this say about the state of comedy in the country – the participants, the media used to convey it, etc.?

The Burmese brand name is just the phoneticized English word “joker” (“Joe-kah”), and I’m surprised to see that this brand of plastic bag even exists; almost every other brand of plastic bag I’ve seen to date here has been either “Lucky” or “Toyota” brand – both easily recognized and recalled brands (the “Toyota” brand bags have even adopted the trademark “encircled ‘T'” of the car brand’s logo). I assume most potential customers in rural Myanmar do not know the meaning of the word “joker”, but how many recognize Charlie Chaplin, and what does that express about a brand of plastic bag?

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