Plastic wings, wooden wheels


Vibrantly colored and crafted from what outsiders might call colored Saran/plastic wrap, this craftsperson (presumably surnamed “Thant” based upon the name appearing on several of the vehicles) manufactures a variety of cars, jeeps, trains, and even jet aircraft.

Stretched over a lightweight wooden frame, the colored plastic wrap is pasted over the frame, panel-by-panel, and a set of wooden wheels are attached to the frame. After that, “parts” such as windows, doors, hoods and boots are painted on. In addition to the standard set of both real and painted parts, vehicles also sport various flora, fauna (elephants, cranes, mythical creatures), celestial bodies (suns, shooting stars, etc.), and other whimsical motifs. Vehicles also come equipped with “notches” where a control rod may be connected to guide the wheeled creations along the bustling earthen highways and byways of this market in Sagaing, Myanmar. Sadly, airplanes are only capable of “taxiing” as opposed to bona-fide flight (I checked).

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