Sundown refuel

The standard method informal roadside fuel vendors advertise their services is to display containers filled with water adjacent to their stall. Fuel is sold by the liter in Myanmar, and if one is refueling their motorbike the means of transferring the fuel from a larger jerrycan to the motorbike is often a repurposed one liter water bottle (often poured through a funnel).
Many stalls are only open during daylight hours, or if they are open after dark their usual local customers know this in advance and there is no need to advertise that fact and draw more attention to the quasi-legal. On streets or highways that still experience a high level of vehicle traffic well into the night, however, informal fuel vendors such as these in Mandalay advertise their services by illuminating their typical “daytime display.”
To grab additional attention, some vendors have branched out to use non-conventional containers. When considering the design of containers/packages for goods in emerging markets, combining a distinctive packaging (using green plastic Sprite bottles when everyone else uses clear) with simple reusability (one-liter bottles are everywhere, and repurposed for a multitude of uses) means your unique container (and, by extension, your brand) will be spread far and wide.

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