Ginseng truck


This advertisement does double duty as both a dust and sun shield for the company’s truck, and also a mobile advertisement appealing to global (ginseng-enabled) aspirations.

For an international lifestyle and the success you deserve, taking these ginseng pills appear to be the quickest way to get there. The status awarded to the Statue of Liberty (stage left), miniature-scale jetliner, and high-rise apartment complex the male holds in his hand are apparent. More ammunition for the traditional role of the male as “provider” in Myanmar culture.

Ampharco, an American pharma company with some strong connections to Viet Nam, appears to have done their market research, to their credit. Myanmar’s consumers are highly motivated by value and the idea that they are getting “more for less”. Hence, the popularity of “3 in 1” / “2 + 1” coffee-mix (powdered milk, sugar, dissolving coffee powder) and tea-mix. I’d be interested to see whether their hunch that, for Myanmar’s consumers, “more (in 1) is always better” holds true for medicine as well as powdered beverage packets.

The same goes for consumers’ love of certifications – in an effort to attain “quality” and legitimacy in consumers’ minds, often advertisers include a .jpeg of some sort of certification standard in the body of the advertisement (ISO 9000, World Health Organization Good Manufacturing Practices, etc.). Again, intrigued to see whether this would pay off in increased sales.

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