Local idols

The ability to mark seasons through the kinds of mask sold. Where do all the Mr. Clauses go when the holiday season passes? Bali, perhaps? Ah, the advantage of a timeless and trend-proof piece of merchandise: While the menagerie of comic book and cartoon characters change by the month, only a few cultural mainstays withstand the test of time. Who here is on which list? What would the list in your cultural context look like?
In a predominately Buddhist and gradually culturally opening country, is Santa Claus’s brand sufficiently strong here? If a potential customer doesn’t know who Santa Claus is, what do people think instead?
What do the offered masks indicate about tastes and aspirations of parents? Aspirations and expectations of children? Sources of overlap/disconnect between the two? Which masks/balloons are meant for girls, and which for boys? Would Myanmar customers agree with you? What does the ratio of gender-targeted goods convey about this cultural context?

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