Concepts of clean


Placed on a sidewalk next to a busy downtown Yangon road, these 20-liter water containers are exposed to dust, exhaust, grit, and grime that fill the air. The precaution taken by the owner/donor of this pair of water containers has been to wrap their bodies in plastic. This solution can only protect so much, though, and in the end functions mainly to keep dust off of the bits that thirsty pedestrians don’t usually interact with anyways.


If there were somehow a kind of adaptor made to fit on top of a 20-liter bottle that could cover the cup, and a means of protecting the spigot then better protection could be achieved (perhaps including it in the “plastic mummification” process while leaving it still grab-able, and attaching a short length of hose to it as a water outlet?). What I wish I had asked was why the owner decided to place two water containers outside, instead of just displaying one and then leaving an unopened one for when the first is depleted.

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