Signs of reuse

The tops of 50-gallon metal drums serve as natural canvases for repurposing as street signs in Myanmar. Their  shape complements the country’s curvaceous alphabet, and they are simple to mount or hang. The red example, spotted on the main drag of Sagaing, is advertising that the shop within has air-filling services. It asks passing motorists to “Please fill [up your tires with] air” and is attached by wire to a wooden pole stuck through the designs in the concrete wall.
The rust-hued number is from downtown Yangon, and implores drivers on this mixed-use residential/commercial alleyway to “Please drive slowly”. Perhaps due to the more “public” nature of this sign, it is more solidly/permanently installed, bolted to the utilities pole (or maybe the poster of the sign hoped to capitalize upon the light emitting from the attached streetlight, amplifying their message with the power of the pre-existing municipal infrastructure). The red “air” sign, however, seems more temporary and designed to be easily taken down at the end of each day. Its mounting style may also have more purpose than simply easier setup/removal, as it doubtless garners additional attention from passing motorists from its ability to wave in the wind.

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