Linemen + lines

Pairs of men equipped with 15-foot toothless rakes wait at the main entrances to Sagaing’s Industrial Zone, their employment made possible by the under-designed/too-hastily constructed electrical grid infrastructure.
Truck drivers must pay these duos to allow them to pass safely through the miles of powerlines that transect the industrial zone’s primary road at too low of a height – a salient example of the sort of misstep possible on a headlong rush towards development. What would the solution in your local context be to this particular problem? Or would it never even have occurred in the first place? I can imagine were this to happen in China that before the line-lifter market even had the chance to properly develop all of the power poles in the industrial zone would be lifted up an additional 20 feet in the dead of night by an unseen team of hundreds. Your mileage (and context) may vary.


Bonus feature from Steel City, America of what may eventually happen in the Sagaing Industrial zone: The updating of the electrical grid. Merely sink a new and improved pole into the ground, move over every wire, streetlight, etc., and then hack apart the old pole in strategic chunks so as not to have it fall down on the new one.

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