Re:brand: Cruzcampo


Some of Seville’s public bicycles have been charitably modified/upgraded to better suit particular carrying purposes, in turn affecting the desirability of these particular bikes as compared to the unmodified bikes depending upon the nature of your cargo.


This goes back to the wisdom of making multipurpose, durable, easily reconfigured/mounted containers, and proves that it applies to both resource-constrained contexts as well as less severely constrained ones (although as I type this, Spain may be sliding down a slippery slope towards increasing resource constraint with the unemployment rate charging towards 25%). Though there is the risk of your container being repurposed into some undesirable/unappealing role, the very fact that your container is being recycled at all and saving someone from having to purchase or create a new container will garner your brand points. Hat tip to Cerveza Cruzcampo, and their sturdy, branded containers that will carry their brand further and wider than any billboard or TV spot.

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