Yan-going, Yan-going…


After a total of three great years, it is time to wrap things up in Myanmar, though this won’t be the last chapter of The Golden Land in my life (if I get a say in things, at least). Looking forward to a summer stateside wrapping up some residual Myanmar-related undertakings.

On the horizon: a year(-ish) in China, studying the fantastic vehicles that you see in this picture (no, I don’t mean early 90’s Toyota Corollas, though they are quite fantastic for their own different reasons) and the processes behind their local-level, user-led innovation. The point of it all? Trying to understand grassroots innovation (and, if I’m feeling particularly ambitious, creativity and innovation in general) across China, and processing those findings to bring you all some piping hot servings of creativity and originality the likes of which you may have doubted China capable of.

If you happen to be headed China-side after August or so, do let me know.


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