Fire buckets


To better convey what the missing firefighting buckets from the above post look like, here they are ready for use (you can see part of the bamboo pole of the smotherer on the right side of the frame). They convey the necessity of occasionally designing an object with “impaired” functionality, to intentionally limit their efficacy in the interest of preserving them for a singular, specific task.  To borrow liberally from Pansodan Gallery’s insightful comment on the previous post,  “…most of the buckets are full of sand, ready any time. Red fire buckets are designed with a pointed base so that they are not attractive for other uses, as they cannot be set down without spilling, so they don’t rust from being set on damp ground, and so that they are always where expected on the hooks.” This is precisely why I found the case of the missing buckets to be so vexing in the previous post… what would motivate someone to steal a bucket that is significantly more challenging to use than a conventional one?

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