Chair service advertisement


Although typical street vendors must consider how best to display the goods they sell, there are also plenty of interesting examples of vendors displaying available services. For this sidewalk-based masseuse/manicurist, the display (and advertising) is simple: the pink chair is for clients, the wired-together green plastic stool is where the masseuse sits, and the remaining stool acts as the “shelf” for holding nail-cutting tools and fragrant oils for anointing customers’ feet. When I walked by, he asked whether I wanted a pedicure.


What level of exposure to such a street-based service display is required before one is able to discern who is selling their services as a manicurist and who is just sitting in a patch of shade with some empty stools? What is the price of misidentification? Is there an equivalently “ambiguous” example of a street-based service advertisement in your context?


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