(How) roughing it (?)

(How) roughing it (?)_1

A solitary tent has been pitched in a corner of the massive pavilion in front of the Chongqing North Train Station, sheltering its inhabitants from one of the city’s frequent light drizzles. Hard to know if this outcome was “according to plan” , or not. Were this picture taken at any time other than October’s National Day Holiday (the Chinese Lunar New Year’s infamous “Spring Rush” / 春运 ), I would believe this situation as improvised instead of anticipated. However, considering the rising countrywide popularity of all facets of outdoors activity (particularly if said activities require the procurement of various types of kinds of high-end, expedition-quality gear), coupled with both the skyrocketing prices and scarcity of hotel rooms and train/plane tickets that traditionally accompany Chinese holidays, the idea of camping in front of a train station may have seemed like a good idea in the abstract.

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