Creating an indoor forest of sorts, Heqing construction supports

When it comes to construction, supports are not particularly considered – an ability to hold things up seems to be the key requirement, with aesthetics seldom an apparent concern.

Heqing construction supports

Bamboo dominates as the preferred scaffolding material across much of East and Southeast Asia , but interior support materials may vary depending upon what’s laying around. Stockier varieties of bamboo can often do the job, but here in Heqing it seems that weather-worn and sun-bleached lengths of knotted lumber are the go-to for interior support, and the interiors of this town’s buildings-in-progress resembling the heart of a dense, leafless forest.

img_4447Heqing construction supports

I consistently enjoy stumbling upon this type of vernacular, “unintentional art” that seems to abound in unfamiliar places. It’s hard to replicate the freshness of perspective granted by an unfamiliar context, where beauty can often hide in plain sight (or construction sites).




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