tracks // borders


How obvious are the borders and transition points that surround you, and how did they get to be that way? Do the demarcations serve purposes beyond their division (as in, the purpose of the “tracks” on the “wrong side of the tracks”)? While things like countries tend towards being static, many other invisible borders are in motion (or at least feel some tension to be so). Depending upon the speed at which they move, and who gains and loses as they do so, they can determine whether the outcome of such motion will be peaceful or violent. Gentrification, urbanization, and a whole host of “-ation’s” can go from good, to bad, to ugly depending on said velocity.


Consider the borders moving towards and away from you at this very moment, and what you stand to gain and lose from their doing so (and whether you can stop them, even).

HQ_# Heqing Chen Ridealong HQ_8 February  Fulbright

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