Modern wagon circle


Is the behavior of these Jordanian truck drivers a reaction to a perceived natural or man-made threat? At what level in the hierarchy of the organization is this group-parking behavior sanctioned, or do drivers engage it in furtively?

Consider the layering of vehicular autonomy over this scene – is this behavior destined to vanish? Or might it find new life as a “defense mechanism” when a vehicle becomes disabled whilst driving and signals for support until the method/means of repair arrive on the scene? As with all discussions about AI, the debate about utilitarian “motivations”of the vehicles (and those who program their algorithms) will go back and forth; will trucks naturally protect their own? Is “loyalty” determined by manufacturer model, or by company, or by country and predominant weather conditions and risks? Will the companionship and mutual protection this enables between human drivers continue through “manual overriding” – or will human drivers vanish completely, even as “backups” capable of engaging in this mutually supportive behavior?

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