Transit tech postures

Consider the different ways people hold, use, and store their devices whilst in transit, and whether that speaks to a contextually specific “edge case” limited to a narrow moment in time or form of transportation, or if it alludes to a broader challenge that many users routinely face.


On Amtrak, passengers can choose to provide either physical paper tickets or digital barcodes displayed on a device of their choice for conductors to scan. This passenger has used their luggage to set up a division of labor between their two devices, allowing easy access to scanning their ticket without needing to interrupt their content.


In the waiting area for passengers in Penn Station, places to stand and place one’s device are in short supply. Here, a passenger uses a book as a “backboard” to support their mobile device for more detailed control (and easier access to their book once they’re done with their phone).

Note the other objects users carry with them, and how those objects can help or hinder them from accomplishing their goals in unexpected ways.

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