Trust in/of transparency

bottle of vinegar on a table

This from a low plastic table on a streetside restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam. How does this compare to the vinegar vessel on a table closer to where you are now? 

Taking only what lays within the frame of this photo as context, what is your level of confidence in the safety of this container and its contents? What’s missing to you, if anything? Compared to more formally or “conventionally” packaged vinegars, is this degree of (visual) transparency and (implied) simplicity more alluring, or more alarming? Consider the differences between the simplicity and transparency of something that inspires trust, versus something crossing the line to being “overly simple” and devoid of contextual information to a degree which could creates suspicion. 

What would you do if you saw this same vinegar on the table of your nearest neighborhood restaurant? What are the additional pieces of contextual input you would constellate to judge this vinegar’s safety?

More to the point: would you use this to garnish your own bowl of bún chả?  

Finally, for comparison, place the above alongside fellow Southeast Asian metropolis Bangkok’s own (highly robust) streetside eatery condiment game, or to nearby Myanmar where another bit of creative container repurposing presents diners with an unexpected amenity (rather than a condiment).

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