Canine clean-up hack

Central, Hong Kong

In Hong Kong rules state that owners must always clean up whatever waste dogs leave behind, a fairly standard and expected protocol when it comes to solid waste in most densely-populated cities around the world, where things would otherwise quickly spiral out of control as dog poop took over the streets.

That said, I’ve never seen or heard of anywhere else on Earth (though glad to hear otherwise from any readers!) where even a dog’s urine must be accounted for. Yet this is the case in Hong Kong, where all dog owners out on a walk typically follow their pups with a water bottle in-hand to pour over/squirt on any dog pee.

Thus, the novel canine behavior captured here; while it is already uncommon to find a dog who is so well behaved that they are willing to calmly sit and wait outside of a store for their owner, it is likely only in Hong Kong that that same dog will have been trained to carry a bottle of water in its mouth to assist with cleaning up after relieving itself (or at least making it easier for the owner by giving her or him one less thing to carry when they head out on a walk).

While I’ve yet to see a dog who has been trained to clean up after itself once it is done relieving itself, something tells me that someone in Hong Kong has already somehow accomplished this, as in the past months I’ve been here, I’ve learned that Hong Kong will always take advantage of any room that you leave it to surprise you.

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