Zach is a researcher, designer, and author whose interests include service design, strategic design, and studying daily life and behaviors across cultures and contexts. His work to date has consisted of projects across China, Myanmar/Burma, Jordan, Italy, Viet Nam, Thailand, Denmark, England, and the US, and his research has supported the design of both products and services around mobile, healthcare, transportation, microfinance, and education. He has worked for leading social enterprises such as Proximity Designs, written for and presented to IDEO and frog design, and received a Fulbright to research resource-constrained creativity in China. His work has appeared in The AtlanticFast Company, Core77Danwei/The Financial Times, Touchpoint – the Journal of Service Design, and he’s on the editorial board of (and has written for) Makeshift, a “field guide to hidden creativity.”

He is interested in designing better products, services, and experiences (particularly in emerging markets), and is currently helping do this as a Design Strategist at Continuum. To see how he sees the world, he recommends you click on the logo in the upper left corner and browse through some Square Inch Anthropology, which he’s been writing since 2011. Alternatively, check out his first book, Yangonomics.
Here is a video (password “hymanEPIC2014”) of him presenting about one aspect of his Fulbright research in China at the 2014 Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference. Extra-curious and want to know still more? Try here.

Care to see how he looks on paper? Here’s his CV.