Things not allowed


Is it truly necessary to specify that there should be neither video
taping nor photography? How relevant are either of these rules when
one can do either of these things effortlessly by simply holding up
one’s cellphone while pretending you are searching for a better
signal? What drives retailers’ fear of being photographed?

Still haven’t figured out what that middle one is, either. No writing
down of prices for comparison to other stores? If that is the case,
then again, how relevant is such a rule when, with that very same
camera phone that you should be neither photographing nor filming
with, you can hold it up to a product’s barcode, pull the SKU number,
and get the price of that same item at the three nearest competing
stores? Perhaps “No crossing out the marked prices and writing in the price that you would prefer/think is reasonable to pay.” Is there an app for
that yet?

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