… is a happy boarding kiosk


What does it say about boarding/ticket checking kiosk when they don’t have appropriate space for the items outlined as being held in this organizer’s drawers – tape, sharpies, scissors, pencils, highlighters, etc. An analogue/manual intrusion into an otherwise entirely digital environment/process. Seeing as this organizer is not present at all of this airline company’s boarding kiosks, what spurred those responsible for this particular kiosk to purchase this object?

Why are these “manual” tools here? Depends who you ask, most likely. Seeing as there is a constantly rotating staff at these kiosks, how have various employees considered this organizer? Useful backup? Needless waste of informal seating space? Kitchy throwback to slower/non-digital/pre-9/11 times? What are the main influences on those views – age, time working for the company, personality, or something else entirely?

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