Chains that bind


This Harcostar-brand plastic drum is used to store water for the family living in the adjacent house (prior use unknown, though folks around the world use Harcostars for water storage – perhaps leftovers from a development program?). Although filled with water, a hypothetical thief could come along and abscond with the drum after emptying it – were it not for the length of bicycle chain lashing it to one of the supporting posts for the houses. Additionally, this reflects the value of the water inside, as it is also ostensibly in the hopes of minimizing spills, not just theft, that the drum is lashed to the post.


Above, another example of the recycled bicycle chain being repurposed as structural support. Technically, this is more likely to be a discarded drive-chain from a motorbike considering its role holding up the roof of a motorbike repair shop, but the idea remains the same (albeit stealing a roof presents even more logistical difficulties than stealing a 50-gallon drum).

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