On visibility


For which services is it necessary to demonstrate the product or the service provided, and to what extent? When is it appropriate/possible to graphically represent a good or service, instead of actually having a sample/demonstration? What drives that decision? Was use of the suitcase shrink-wrapping machine in the Sri Lankan airport lower than expected? How is the example item selected? Also, is that an “example suitcase” – or reckon some long-since un-suntanned vacationer is still lamenting the loss of his luggage?



What are different the costs of demonstration – between the fish, the suitcase, and the wristwatch – and where is the room for skepticism in each? Naturally the possibility exists of exhibiting a particularly sterling example of quality/workmanship – perhaps that suitcase was carefully hand-wrapped by human hands instead of the machine, or those several submerged watches are the only waterproof watches of the bunch. Perhaps the exposed fish innards happen to be the most attractive of all the fish on display, though being a natural product the corollary randomness must reassure skeptical consumers.

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