Fitting to flushing

Pull the wires threaded through the plastic fitting to flush. Does the thought of grabbing what are most often used as electrical wires attached to something filled with water tickle your danger instincts?

Also, what signals does the filled bucket of water nearby indicate? Is it that the “hand-washer” (or as my friend affectionately refers to them, the “bum-blaster”) is also not conventionally functional, or that, once having flushed, it is expected that you fill up the tank for the next user to save them the momentary panic of thinking the toilet is not working?

How does the gap in knowledge between experiencing a non-(conventionally)-flushing toilet and knowing the necessary steps to get it working vary between different contexts? How involved is one mentally prepared to become in their ablution experience? If there were a way of obtaining this knowledge further in advance, what (whose) behavior would it change, and how? When/for whom/how is it appropriate to call for “expert assistance” when faced with such an unexpected difficulty?

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