Booty radio


The latest offering from our friends at Booty Radio, a “status inflator” of an FM Radio masquerading as a Blackberry/PDA. By walking around with the “iPod white” earbuds in your ear, or, truer to life, just one earbud while talking to yourself (or the woman depicted on the screen, perhaps?), you too can join the ranks of the elite ever-connected-through-multiple-media. Notable is that despite Booty Radio coming up registered as a Chinese company, the image on the “screen” is not apparently of a Chinese woman.

The static screen image raises a few questions; Is this Booty Radio’s “international model” meant for regional consumption?  Why not just put a nice car or a mansion or other symbol of wealth as the “image” and play it safe? By using the image of a woman, is this meant to target men or women?

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