Contingent functionality


When one flip-flop (thong) breaks, the other is abandoned simultaneously (perhaps at the very spot where it broke). Compare this to these shoes – which brings greater status penalization? Wearing a different type of flip-flop on each foot (implying the matching flip-flop broke, though I’ve never seen this and wouldn’t imagine much point to it), wearing “short-tailed shoes”, or going barefoot? What does your cultural context decree, and where does the “frayed” or “worn” look go from low-status to vogue? Captured at downtown’s Bogyoke Market on a quiet morning, how long do you think these would last here before they are picked up and whisked back into Yangon’s recycling/repurposing system? How long would they last on the street where you are? Would they be reclaimed for repurposing’s sake (their intrinsic value) or because of their status as an “eyesore” or “rubbish”?

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