Exhaust screen


Carried out from the ticket vendor/waiting room of this bus company upon the arrival of the bus, it is set up behind the tailpipe to prevent diesel exhaust from billowing into the adjacent building and disturbing the residents.

Courtesies around space, mitigation strategies for incidents when noxious/undesirable things leach out of one’s space and into another’s. The threshold of acceptability and perceptions of ability to limit such leaks: engine noise is tolerated, exhaust smoke is not.

Finally, sobering: the visual side effects of long-term, continuous exposure to diesel exhaust. The ability to see the harmful effects of something only once an appropriate material is “sacrificed” to visually drive the point home. If this piece of metal were alive, it would probably be in sorry shape right now. How would your lungs compare after a day (or year) in a culture where most cars are over 20 years old?

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