Fuel + fuel

Fuel, fuel

There are certain inferences we could make about the neighborhood surrounding this gas station in suburban Seville, Spain. Such inferences might include the types of fuel predominately used to heat local homes, the availability of said fuels, and changes in ability/willingness of homeowners with stove-heated homes to personally go out and collect fuel vs. drive to purchase  pre-collected fuel. The gap in knowledge of an old home’s new owner as to source of fuelwood could also contribute, as could the increasing scarcity of local fuelwood.

Is this gas station’s decision to stock firewood forward-looking or backward-looking? Is this a lag indicative of an economic recession, with a shortage in money leading to residents heating their homes using wood (assuming it is more affordable than their previous means of heating)? If so, savings must be considerable, as one uses up a not-insignificant amount of time and money driving oneself to the gas station (if the trip is solely to pick up firewood, that is).

The gas station’s evolving role as a hub for all manner of fuels, and assumptions about share of local, repeat customers versus journeying, drive-by customers.

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