Computer camp


This poster advertises in Burmese: “Child computer literacy classes for Summer” – basically, computer summer camp (the stuff a typical American middle schooler would get beat up for admitting they attended). Note the skills touted as important for the “Next Generation” to possess. Note the language of publication of the notice – that of “New… New… Next…” – is this the best strategy for enticing students to enroll? Finally, observe the trio of happy non-local children playing with a laptop and gleefully fulfilling the paradigm of what a globally-savvy, 21st century primary schooler looks like. Finally – consider the role of the English on this poster listing the variety of skills and programs taught by level, and how when being interpreted by parents it is less meant to explain skills and more meant to prove the English knowledge of someone associated with the program – “Well, I don’t know what all these fancy internet-English words mean, but judging by how many there are, they must be great and useful!”


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