Bottle storage


While a clever way of storing bottles on the parts of the students to turn in for money later, there is also latent/underutilized information  sitting here for local convenience store owners, restaurants (on a micro level), and beverage companies (on a macro level) to take advantage of. The beverage preferences of students who practice this method of saving bottles are on display for all to see. All one needs to pick out a given bottle is its distinctive cap and/or bottom of the container so that it may be more easily identified from the viewed angle.

On a different note – what implications does this have for grate design? What would make for easier bottle input/removal?
Finally, potential abounds for students to express themselves by creating public/outward-facing “pictures” out of bottles stuck into the grate in a particular pattern. Clearly for these students expressing that they are recycling is not something to be ashamed of or to try and conceal – so why not make it even more colorful and entertaining for all passerby? It might even encourage others to start recycling themselves.


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