formalization / transformation

Improvised motorcycle-based cargo carrying solutions are readily visible across China.* As above, cardboard bins become cargo containers and vests become storage for small objects.


Here, a practice I’ve witnessed elsewhere of plastic jerrycans being cut open and attached by wire to motorcycles has evolved into the above product offering. Advertised as “unbreakable” (打不碎), these jerrrycan-inspired storage bins attach at leg level and conveniently double as wind deflectors (although appear to lack a means of being easily closed and protected from theft/elements). The process of watching informal practices evolve as they transform into new product offerings and business models is one that will never cease to fascinate.


On the subject of transformations (and forgiving inelegant transitions), today begins my (formal, for a change) design training (here), meaning the occasional updates around here are likely to become extra-occasional (or at least much shorter) until graduation. Here’s to new roads.


*and elsewhere, too (like Thailand), but the process of practice-to-product appears more easily visible/close to the surface in China.

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