Lockbox clustering


The interesting repurposing of a previously ornamental architectural element into a newly functional one. Equal parts creative and ingenious, Boston.


Consider the motivations behind this density of key lock boxes (five are attached to the grate, and there’s another on the right frame of the doorway), and the degree to which such density (and similarity of form factor of lock boxes) calls for unique identification protocol to be followed (the red ribbon around the upper left box). What might explain such a clustering?


Also, in what other technologies beyond the seldom-considered key lock boxes can one witness such a colorful mix between analogue and digital versions of a product (besides in-store grocery scales, analogue for customer-facing and digital for vendor-facing, says B)? “Analogue” cigarettes and e-cigs, too. Does one version present itself as more “hack-able” than the other?

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