Skydancing norms

Although the above location may be consistent with their most common home in the US (outside a car dealership), the colors and overall appearance of this pair of Tube Men/Skydancers/Tall Boys in suburban Shanghai have been adapted to fit local tastes, dressed as they are in the festive garb that most often appears during China’s Lunar New Year holiday. 

Beyond the outfit design and location, playing with these things’ physical scale is also fair game in China. The above duo of pint-sized Tube Men are doing their thing in the window of a Hollister shop in a downtown Shanghai shopping mall.

Where do these wavy people show up in your own context, if anywhere? What does their most frequently-seen location do to how you perceive of them (as well as the businesses on whose behalf they are dancing)?

For the extra curious, here are far more observations on how cultures around the world advertise and display their goods.

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