Sipping specifics

From back when one could more easily go to bars, such as this one in Boise, Idaho where our team was conducting fieldwork, we found two thoughtful examples of information design across both beverage “consideration” and “consumption.” 

During consideration, iconography on the menu indicates the type of vessel in which a cocktail will be served, also giving a clear view into quantity and presence/style of ice.

Once it’s time to drink up, the interface design of the serving board includes space to accommodate writing with erasable markers, helping the imbiber remember which glass contains which beer (which could become appreciably more challenging as the evening progresses) .

Finally, for an extra serving (on the house, natch) of beverage-related ingenuity, three takes across Yangon, Bangkok, and Pittsburgh on how these different contexts approach the same problem of storing/protecting their beverages using creatively repurposed solutions.

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